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Review: 3 Idiots

All Izz Well!

Just a year or two before came the Salman Khan-starrer movie Hello. Although, the movie was based on the Chetan Bhagat‘s novel One Night @ The Call-center, but in my opinion the complete script was adapted from it, with no other original ideas put in its making. While watching I was compelled to compare it with the book. The result - the movie was just average and bombed at the box office. So was little disappointed and wondering whether all his books (except the latest one Two States) that can be a subject of any good movie for the audience, will suffer the same, if transformed to the silver-screen?

So, when I heard Aamir Khan, Raju Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra had team up for a new movie based on Five Point Someone by the same author, my expectation increased, but I also feared whether they will be able to do justice with the theme of the book and will they be able to convey what the author wanted to? Will all the hype, marketing strategies created later for the much-awaited movie of the year 2009, go waste? The expectations were very high with the trio, especially with Aamir who is known for his perfectionism and as only one movie makes it to the cinema-hall in a year. I kept my fingers crossed and went for the first-day-first-show (first time I did this).

The movie starts with the narrator Farhan Qureshi (Madhavan) forcing the AIR INDIA plane to land back in Delhi, as he had got a fresh clue to refresh their search of long-last friend Rancho (Aamir Khan), along with the other (already-married) friend Raju (Sharman Joshi). The clue lies in the beautiful valleys of Shimla (very well captured by the cinematographer) and they almost immediately start for Shimla, in whatever clothes they were wearing. On their way, one of the mugger-friend Chatur (Omi) who got the clue reminds them of the bet; he had made in the influence of alcohol, with Rancho as who will be more successful at the end of 10 years. But, the friends were more eager to meet Rancho than this bet.

The movie then gets into the flashback about their college days. The opening ragging scene is just amazing, followed by the many tussles (some educative, some funny, some make you think) Rancho and his friends had with the professors and Director of the college Viru Shastrabuddhe (Boman Irani) popularly known as VIRUS. While all the collegians get busy with the studies, but because of Rancho’s out-of-world and challenging ideas, his other two friends lags in studies, and thus earned themselves the degree of 3 IDIOTS. Meanwhile, Rancho bumps into Director’s daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor) at her sister’s (Mona Singh) wedding, and successfully breaks Pia’s engagement with her fiance (many names given such as price-tag, Gadha., etc, I chose fiance).

While Farhan always believes in Rancho, Raju had a difference of opinion, and hence moves out of their friendship. But, when crisis falls on Raju’s family, Rancho and Farhan helps him to come out of it. In the process, they also try to explain him that mugging is not a good habit, and it almost ends the thinking process of the humans. They are united again. But, that doesn’t stem the failing grades of Farhan and Raju. To this, we are revealed that Farhan did not want to do engineering and his passion lies somewhere else, while Raju had developed fear with the studies. Rancho helps his friends in overcoming their fears and problems in more dramatic way. In the time, Pia and Rancho both start liking each other, and he almost proposes her for the marriage. But, on the completion of graduation Rancho suddenly vanishes, leaving his friends and Pia clueless about his where-about.

The essence of the movie lies in when you think all three friends will meet at Shimla and story ends, there is another story that needs to be unfolded. In Shimla, they had to face with the reality of Rancho’s life and their respect for him increases more thereafter. And after some bizarre turn-of-events, they are finally united again.

The movie is quite different from the book, as the book revolved around the IIT campus only, and left us wanting to know what happened next in their lives, this story moves ahead of it. Although I missed the Ryan’s mice theory, C2D theory, etc. very much, but the lead line All Izz Well comes to rescue. But, in the end, it do justifies the theme of the book and is able to convey what the author wanted to.

The cast for “3 Idiots” includes Aamir, Sharman and Madhavan from the film “Rang de Basanti”, Raju Hirani’s favorite Boman Irani, sizzling Kareena Kapoor (for chemistry with Aamir), Mona Singh (for the bonding scene of Director and three friends), new actor Omi as a mugger friend, Madhavan’s parents, Sharman’s sixtieth century black-and-white family, Javed Jafri, and canteen boy Millimeter (original name not known).

Aamir is at his preachy best, as he had picked up from where he had left in TAARE ZAMEEN PARR, making the parents to re-think about the decision they force on their children, albeit this time it’s not completely about the kids only, and led them to suicide. It seems he is naturally serious about the problem. On acting side, he looks almost amazing as a 20-something year old, his eyes and body language conveying the most effect, but one scene with Boman when he drags him and he appear to be clueless as any college kid is simply awesome. One thing is sure about Aamir that he outnumbers everyone every time in the marketing strategies (the latest one disguising him) too.

Kareena, for a change looked good, otherwise it was a waste to put glasses on one of the most glamorous actor’s face. Although the glasses give you a feeling of her to be more studious and she was under the strict guidance of her already-strict professor-father. The kissing scene (always a condition for Aamir’s romantic movie) looks bizarre and out-of-context.

Boman leaves the mark in most of the scene, but sometimes he seems to be shouting only. But, his opening speech to the fresher is one of the best parts of the film. Caution: Don’t compare him with his previous role of a hospital dean in Munnabhai M.B.B.S.

Madhavan was at his best and justified with the laid-back character of HARI in the book (the scene where he tries to convince his father to follow his passion is almost choking), while Sharman had done a good job and was way ahead of depicting the character of Alok. The new actor Omi makes his presence felt with the South-Indian tone (and one hilarious speech in Hindi, which will surely tickle the funny bone).

The supporting cast all leave a mark in their precise role. The special mention for Sharman’s parent, the sleek old man, without a dialogue in the film makes you laugh, instead of feeling sympathy to the bed-ridden-paralyzed post-man and his troubled mom. Mona Singh don’t have much to offer in the role of Kareena’s elder sister, Javed Jaferi was never needed in the film, as you expect some comedy from him. The canteen-boy Millimeter makes his presence felt.

Lyrics of the songs, aren’t that catchy initially, but make sense when seen with the video, and then soon catch with you. The music and lyrics completely fits with the narration. All Izz Well tops the entire one. Zoobi-doobi is a good romantic number. Behti Hawa Sa best describes the carefree nature of Rancho. Jaane Nahin Denge Tujhe will surely bring tears in your eyes. But, all this songs takes some time to register in mind, except for the “All Izz Well”.

The writer’s efforts were clearly seen. Scenes like ragging, Chatur's hilarious HINDI speech, Raju's family in black-and-white, Pia and Rancho's sudden initial meetings and many more are very well written that makes you laugh. There are scenes that make you cry as well, especially the scenes like Raju's suicide attempt and his recovery.

Raju Hirani had yet again given a fresh punch line to the society – ALL IZZ WELL, after Jaadu ki Zappi in Munnabhai MBBS, and Gandhigiri in Lage Raho Munnabhai. The selection of some of the characters name such as Ranchoddas Shyamlal Chachad, Phunshuk Wange, Virus, Millimeter, Price-tag, Silencer were too good, and there he showed his creativity (of course, he might have got help from Aamir and others). He was able to live up to with the expectations.

I wanted to go for this movie, with my two other original IDIOT friends, but could not make it. I regret not going with them (IDIOTS, get ready I am coming soon), as the film can be best viewed with friends, and should be avoided with the family and in my opinion not even couples will enjoy it thoroughly. The target audiences are between 5 and 35 years.

For the movie Jahapanah Tussi Great Ho, Taufo Kubul Kare!

My Rating: 4/5



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